4 Book Recommendations If You Want to Know About Psychics

Every book lover should read about the ways to develop their psychic abilities. It’s not only interesting but it might prove to be helpful in the long run. There are thousands of books all about psychic abilities out there and if you have time, you should definitely check them out. If you want to get started, here are the top picks.

How to See and Read the Aura Book
Okay, so you meet someone for the first time and you get more than that person’s impression. Sometimes you feel really at home with them and there are time when you just feel rather uncomfortable and dislike them.

This has happened to most of us and there should be a way to explain this—you might have read their aura but didn’t know it. It is the energy field covering the person and it is usually emitted by them based on how they are feeling. This book will teach you more about what you need to know and how to understand the different types of aura. If you have the gift, you need to embrace it because it will give you insight to someone’s mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical aspects. The book will teach you about the following:
• how to see the colors of the aura and understand what they mean
• create tools that will allow you to measure other people’s aura
• maintain and strengthen your aura through cleansing and protection
• improve your intuition and sensitivity
• Improve your energy and become healthier

Spiritual Development for Beginners Book
This book is made to help you realize and understand as well as embrace the hidden psychic abilities that you have. This will bring you peace and happiness in your life. It will answer your age old question about life, its purpose and meaning. This book teaches Shamanism and how to develop ones spirituality so you can use it in your everyday life. Some exercises in this book will include:
• energizing your aura
• rhythmic breathing
• breathing light
• practices with sound
• visualization
• journeying
• discovering your deep intentions
• gaining mastery
• learning to concentrate
• meditation
• creative imagination
• creating prayers
• dream journaling

Psychic Development for Beginners book
If you have been indecisive most of your life, your psychic ability can help you improve on this. Everyone has psychic abilities but not everyone has embraced it enough to awaken it. If you want some diving guidance to help you organize your life and keep it on track, this book will teach you everything. It will sharpen your telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic healing, prophecy, creative visualization and astral travel.

How to Do Psychic Readings Through Touch
The ability to read the energy of people, things and places is called Psychometry. This is the easiest psychic ability for a person to develop. This book will show you techniques on how to perform Psychometry and give basic readings. Learning this will definitely let you know more about the world around you.

You can try online psychics to get an idea of what psychics really do. There are numerous free online readings available on the web.

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