Calling all geeks out there, this blog is just for you. This blog will feature anything and everything that has to do with role playing games, graphic novels, TV, books. If you like any one of those things that I mentioned, welcome to my blog. There are blogs out there dedicated to updating you about what’s going on with role playing games, graphic novels, TV and books but I decided to post about relevant things but still talk about the things that I love. You will find informative and fun articles that I came up and I hope you like it. The comments section is open for people who want to tell me what they think about the topics that I post. I also want to get to know the readers of this blog and maybe we can trade movies or comic books and come up with more topics to post. If you feel like you want a topic to be posted in my blog, I’m all ears. It’s always fun to collaborate with people and I really am hoping to make more friends here. Since I want to meet new people here, let me tell you about myself. I love playing RPG games and I also love graphic novels. The art is so amazing and you really get lost in the storyline. I also like watching TV and reading books from time to time—when I’m not playing my game. I think the best hobby is watching and reading.