What if Naruto had Plantar Fasciitis?

Let’s say that Naruto’s character had plantar fasciitis, how do you think it will affect his journey or his goals to become the Hokage? Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. It involves the inflammation of your plantar fascia; a thick group of tissue that connects your heel bones to your toes.

Common symptoms of plantar fascia include stabbing pain on your heel every time you take a step after waking up. The reason why people mostly neglect this condition is because the pain decreases over time. However, you may feel the stabbing pain again whenever you experience long hours of standing or sitting down.

The people commonly affected by this condition are runners and people who are very active. If you think about it, Naruto is also very active and is running all the time. Plantar Fasciitis will surely hinder his dream of becoming the Hokage and even give him a hard time every time he fights evil people.

The good news about plantar fasciitis is that it can be remedied or even corrected by wearing the right kind of shoes. There are shoes specifically designed to correct or help people who has plantar fasciitis so they won’t suffer from the pain and uncomfortable feeling that it brings. Shoes that have good shock absorption and cushioning usually help with plantar fasciitis because it alleviates the pain and protects your feet while you run. Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8 Running shoe provides great support and good shock absorption.

Here are some shoe suggestions for plantar fasciitis that Naruto should wear to alleviate the symptoms of the foot condition.

Asics GEL Nimbus 15
This is one of the newest models of Asics running shoes. This model has improved cushion, stability and fit compared to other models. The fluidride midsole technology and forefoot gel cushioning helps a lot with shock absorption while running.

New Balance 990v3
This classic favorite has made its comeback with standard midsole EVA foam that’s perfect for shock absorption and fits most types of foot. This is recommended for heavy runners. It sports a very simple design but they are very good performance-wise.

Saucony Kinvara 4
This is a very lightweight shoe that has a lower heel to toe drop as well as a wide to box for added comfort. This shoes s very comfortable and is good for runners with plantar fasciitis because of its cushioning and shock absorption.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS14
This is the manufacturer’s most popular shoe because of its crash pad segmented midsole that allows for heel to mid-foot transition. This is one of the best shoes most recommended for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and has been reviewed as the one that really works.

Asics GT2000 2
This is another model from the popular Asics brand and is good for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. This shoe is designed to be lighter than its predecessor while having the Impact Guidance System to enhance and promote a person’s natural gait. This is coming up on the list as one of the best running shoes to be produced this year.

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