Why LARP should Be Played in an Airconditioned Room

A live action role playing game or LARP is a role playing game where the members act out all of their character’s actions. There is a storyline and fictional setting that the players are supposed to follow. This is the world that they will think they are in by the time they start playing the game and interacting with other players. There are rules that will mediate and determine the outcome for every player’s actions. There are also game masters who choose the settings and set rules to be followed during the game.

All participants in LARP will improvise their speech and movements according to their character just like what you watch in theatres. This makes it even more difficult than other forms of role playing game where you only need to verbally describe what your character is doing. These games can be played in either public or private places depending on the game masters and there usually are no audiences involved.

LARP is taken very seriously by the players. They even dress appropriately according to the characters they play. Most LARP last for more than a day so it’s very important that you play it in an air-conditioned room. Again, most of the players have to dress for the part and carry different weapons and equipment while acting so air-conditioning is a must for this form of role playing game. The host of the venue should ensure that efficient air conditioning is available. If the venue regularly changes, a portable AC can be considered.

Imagine having to play the role of a queen wearing thick gowns and being in a room without air-conditioning. It’s a hundred percent sure that the player won’t be able to focus or act right because of the heat. Some players may even have to perform some dancing or combat skills because of their characters as well. Heat exhaustion is very common if this played is not played in a room with excellent ventilation.

I you watch theatre plays, you will notice that they make sure that the actors have air-conditioning so that they can act well, players of LARP have the same needs. These games can last for more than a few hours or even days on end. If you are playing in a hot room or a place where there is not enough air, you can suffocate easily. This is a situation that game masters are trying to avoid especially if one of the players has a condition.

Another reason is that since it’s a LARP, there usually are many characters involved in the game. If you are in a cramped room and it’s hot, you probably won’t last until the end of the game. Most game masters choose a setting where they know the players will be comfortable. Some LARPS are held in private conference halls or the home of one of the players where there is enough ventilation. In most cases, LARPs are played in theatres so players have enough room to act out their roles and there is air conditioning for them to feel comfortable. The only difference between real theater plays and LARP is the lack of audience.

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